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It is getting better ! Upgrade to Telepele 1030 and receive your free bonus.

Thank you for using our service. Nulltel was a great service for many years and we wanted to make it better. Therefore we launch Telepele 1030. The Nulltel service is terminated.

Telepele 1030 does everything better. With Telepele 1030 you can call now to any country in the world for low tariffs! Using these new possibilities is easy: Whenever you call abroad just dial 1030 in front of the foreign telephone number. After dialing 1030 you have to dial immediately the foreign telephone number, do not wait for an announcement! Just dial 1030 in front of the number whenever you call abroad.

For futher information please visit the Telepele 1030 webpage

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us:
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